If you have a fire or water emergency, please call us now at (619) 303-3599

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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

SERVPRO of Mission Valley East is a Leader in Damage Remediation. Call Us.

Why choose SERVPRO® of Mission Valley East teams to help restore your home after water has left it damaged? We used advanced technology combined with training from over 50 years of experience to help restore your home to pre-damage condition. We are Here to Help®!

SERVPRO of Mission Valley East: 619-303-3599

We’ve noticed that in movie disasters, houses always look fine unless it’s a plot point, and then the damage is limited to that point and cleared up by the end of the movie. What, your knowledge doesn’t ever influence how you see fiction? The point is this: reality is always messier – much messier. Movie actors and stunts performers can’t help, but we can.

Whether water damage drips slowly, thunders, slithers, or crashes into your home, call us – SERVPRO of Mission Valley East – any time of any day. Our emergency services are always available, and we don’t mean “always” as in “most of the time”; we mean “always”. We mean:

 24 hours a day

 7 days a week

 52 weeks a year


Call us at 619-303-3599.

Water Damage

We drink water every day, either alone or as part of coffee, tea, or another beverage. We cook with it, wash our clothing, dishes, and selves with it, and use it to grow our food. We rely upon water for our lives, yet also fear its power of destruction.

Think of the damage water can do to a home in Riverwalk County:

  • Delaminate wood or linoleum flooring
  • Shred drywall, insulation, or plaster
  • Stain wood, metal, textiles
  • Open cracks in grout, stone, or brick
  • Put enough weight on roof gutters to tear apart the fascia, or rip the gutters from the roofs
  • Provide an environment for microbial growth, including mold
  • Dissolve adhesives
  • Cause damage to books, photographs, documents, other paper, and parchment
  • Weigh down trees or structures, toppling them
  • Short-out electronic appliances
  • Remove the coating from wiring, which can lead to fires or to equipment failure
  • Blister paint
  • Stain upholstery, carpet, or rugs
  • Damage furniture

There’s more.

Fortunately, our SERVPRO of Mission Valley East team members can remediate that damage and the ominous “more” mentioned above.

Faster to Any Size Disaster

Water damage starts bad and gets worse rapidly. We promise to arrive quickly, but can’t arrive before you call, so call as soon as you even suspect there is water damage: 619-303-3599.

Time for Trivia!

Just as every culture has some version of ravioli, every culture has some version of the doughnut. What’s not to like? It has sugar, cholesterol (if you’re lucky), carbohydrates, and fat! Get one of the maple-and- bacon-covered ones, and you’ll have salt in there too, covering all the major disease groups.

A doughnut by any other name:

  • tortas fritas, kreppel (Argentina)
  • ponichki, mekitsas (Bulgaria)
  • puff-puff (Cameroon)

SERVPRO of Mission Valley East