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SERVPRO of Mission Valley East Makes Most Smoke Damage Disappear

Where There’s Fire, There’s Smoke

Smoke damage can be more extensive than fire damage. Smoke from wildfires ends up in residential and commercial buildings. Smoke from building fires also travels, so there is smoke damage even in places the fire didn’t touch.

If smoke damage leaves bad odors in Chula Vista conference rooms, stains on San Diego ceilings, or residue in La Mesa ductwork, call SERVPRO® of Mission Valley East at 619-303-3599.  We are experts in remediating smoke damage throughout buildings and from textiles, furniture, and other surfaces.

SERVPRO of Mission Valley East has emergency service 24 hours/day, 365 days/year.

Smoke Goes where the Air Currents Go

One reason that smoke can cause so much damage is that it goes where-ever the air goes. Smoke residue ends up behind curtains, between window panes, and in closed desk drawers. Particles get into the HVAC system, and leave rings around nail heads and light fixtures.

Smoke damage isn’t as dramatic as fire damage, but at SERVPRO of Mission Valley East, we take it seriously. Smoke often leaves unpleasant odors, and it stains many materials, including brick. The odor may be difficult to get out of textiles that aren’t treated properly. Improperly washed textiles, in fact, may be stained forever, and may never lose the smoke odor.

While smoke looks gentle, it’s corrosive. Smoke is made up of particles that act like sandpaper on porous materials such as carpets or clothing, as well as more durable ones such as concrete, marble, or steel. Electronic equipment is quite vulnerable to smoke damage, which is why we have technicians who have training and experience in cleaning equipment exposed to smoke.

Smoke travels to cooler areas, so there can be smoke damage in areas untouched by fire. All of us at SERVPRO of Mission Valley East live around San Diego; we know how wildfires can cause smoke damage inside our homes or businesses. 

Lingering Stains and Odors Are Worse than a Nuisance

Smoke cobwebs (residue left from burning plastics) and odors in the HVAC are among the unsightly or unpleasant after-effects of smoke damage. They are also signs of continuing damage. The residue attracts dust particles or other smoke particles. Lingering odors are a sign of particles that cause further corrosion or stains.  Damage causes damage.

We have training, equipment, and significant experience in cleaning smoke damage from many surfaces.

We also have Ozoning equipment that removes odors instead of just covering them with masking scents. 


SERVPRO of Mission Valley East: Here to Help®.

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